Growing up with Roswell

Growing Up With Roswell — a documentary 67 years in the making!

Directed by Leonard Marcel – A Tribute (my uncle) Jesse Marcel SR

and (my cousin) Jesse Marcel JR









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A word from Stanton about the making of Growing up with Roswell

A word from Danial Sheehan about the making of Growing up with Roswell

Most people around the world have heard about the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash incident of 1947. Many people around the world have also heard the name Major Jesse Marcel, who was the first person deployed by the Army to investigate the mysterious crash. Jesse Marcel’s son, Jesse Marcel, Jr., who recently passed in August 2013, is the focus of the new film in the making, Growing Up With Roswell. As a young boy of eleven, Jesse, Jr.’s father showed him metallic debris from the crash site at their home late that July night and influenced his life forever in many ways.

Growing Up With Roswell , starting production in August 2014, explores new angles of the Roswell Incident as well as in-depth coverage of the life of Jesse Marcel Jr., who was drawn toward becoming a doctor and renowned Flight Surgeon who flew into Desert Storm and Iraq, among other battlefields, to save lives. For over the past 35 years, Jesse, Jr. has appeared on numerous TV shows, documentaries, and radio shows, has been interviewed for magazine articles and books, and traveled the world lecturing about his experiences in Roswell.

Why is this movie different from the typical UFO movie?

Growing Up With Roswell will be written and directed by Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr.’s cousin Leonard J. Marcel and co-written with Jesse’s wife, Linda Marcel. Leonard has worked in film in Hollywood and the SF Bay Area for over 25 years. The film will explore a uniquely intimate angle on the Roswell UFO experience as well going in depth on how that one-night experience changed and influenced Jesse, the entire Marcel family, close friends, and his medical and military associates.

The UFO phenomenon — Roswell being the most famous — has become so prevalent both for skeptics and believers that the director believes this film will not only be a tribute to a very important and giving man but will also shed new light on Roswell never seen or read by our international audience.