About Taxi Wars

Shooting in San Francisco USA, London UK and Mumbai India

TAXI WARS explores the dramatic emergence of ridesharing companies and related start-ups that are changing the face of global transportation. The “sharing economy” has changed the inner workings of most major cities around the world. Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and many other peer-to-peer companies are expanding faster than we ever imagined.

This full length documentary will dive into the psychology of how the rise of the “Gig Economy” has affected millions of people. Where we live, work, eat and socialize is changing all of us more than anything since the invention of the Automobile and the Internet. Hilarious stories, hard core realities and heart breaking facts will create a cinematic push and pull never seen before.

Ridesharing companies have spread to more then 68 countries and over 350 cities. Barcelona cabbies are slashing the driver’s tires. Taxi drivers in Australia rose up against Uber in November. New demonstrations in Costa Rico, Columbia, as well as legal action came to a head in the UK. Despite protests the TNC companys are winning in most cities, and changing our mode of transportation forever.

Taxi Wars is filming around the world with the latest technologies in photography and communications. Both rideshare and taxi drivers will converse with other drivers from France, London, India, Finland, Hong Kong, Spain and many other locations in protest and or support of these companies. Drivers and riders from around the world will speak out and inform the audience with stories and facts both pro and con. Taxi Wars will provide the first in-depth look at this phenomenon.