“The Blue Mile” – Starts Production

Please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/homeless-film-on-santa-rosa

We are producing a Documentary Film to help the homeless

Want to join us in making a difference? We are raising money to benefit the Largest homeless tent village in Sonoma County, California. We are award-winning documentary filmmakers of over 20 years and here is our outline.

There is a full 1-mile stretch of wall to wall tents on highway 12 in Santa Rosa, Ca. We want to ask the homeless people living there “What do you want from us because we have plenty of money that is being wasted”? Everyone will get a few simple questions. We edit the film on over 100 currently homeless people.

The kicker is we will set up screenings and watch the film with the staff and community leaders that have millions of dollars and only watch the film with them in person. If they will not watch it with us we will simply film their reply and keep trying! The end result will be a film for everyone to see.

This disconnect we feel is the main problem in helping to solve the problem of not spending the money on what benefits the homeless directly. As you might have heard California now has 1.5 Billion dollars for homeless projects in California.

We want this film to start a “Show us the money” campaign! No one seems to know where the money goes. We know already where most of it goes and it is not helping. We have lived in the Bay area most of our lives.  Several hundred millions of dollars have been paid to researchers/consultants and non-profit groups that have taken most of the money for personal salaries and research programs and have left the streets and camps untouched. To put it simply, 100’s of people have started a “Homeless Economy for everyone but the homeless!

Any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

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