My first long awaited McDonalds food delivery!

I heard Micky-D’s was going to join Uber Eats delivery service many months ago. Living in Marin county one of the most expensive places in the U.S. to live and breathe, they would join forces the first week of June 2017. What interested me most was the clientele and the way the area would come aboard, and appreciate this incredible affordable service.

I woke up Saturday morning at 9:00 am, turned on my Uber APP and set it for delivery. At 9:01 I got a ping to pick up at Micky-D’s. Fantastic!. Only 7 minutes away-I had hit the gold mine.

No Parking? The lot was full. I parked illegally on the side of the dumpster. The place was packed. Who could pass up a breakfast for the whole family for $10 anyway. I’m no heath nut and thought it was great seeing tons of kids and parents laughing and having fun at the best breakfast place in the area.

There it was, a sign saying “Uber Eats Pick Up”. McDonalds was already ahead of most restaurants where the Uber driver  walks in and has no idea where to go, who to talk to and wonder if they even care you are risking a $120 ticket double parked in front of their hidden address.

The staff at M’s was nice and fast and I have to say one of the best delivery pick up’s I have had.

Off to the drop off. Only 8 minutes away,I  had another ping for a second pickup. It was again McDonalds!!!!!! The App had me deliver the first order before going back? It was strange because I was only 3 minutes away from McDonalds. I got to the house, waited called twice, rang the door bell, waited three minutes and had to leave the order at the front door and take an picture in case the FBI became involved.

Back to Micky-D’s. The order had the same name on it. I asked the manager to double check the reference # and he did. Same Place? O.K., fine by me. I hit the road. 15 minutes later I got to the same house and the food was still at the front door. I rang the bell a few time just in case.

No one home? Two orders called in and delivered? No answering the three phone calls? Then I realized – what a great idea! We will be home in a half and hour, order tons of cheap food, save money, have an Uber driver drive around for 55 minute for $7 and we can have tons Micky-D’s at our door step when we arrive. “At least we didn’t have to tip the dude!

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