Driver Life

Message in a Bottle

One thing you become very aware of when driving, especially in a place like San Francisco, is that there are very, very few bathrooms. You have to be careful not to drink much water, because when you get a client at the wrong time, and you didn’t go to the bathroom, you could be going to Palo Alto. It’s very embarrassing to stop for a bathroom break — I’ve never done it in 14 months, but I’ve almost killed myself by trying to find a parking spot and make it into Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. There are only a few places where you can still go to the bathroom, since a lot of gas stations don’t have bathrooms anymore. No – I haven’t used a bottle yet but I know some drivers who have.

As a result, you constantly have to maintain a catalog of local bathrooms on your GPS, in all the areas you’re driving — your own private list of bathrooms. I know of a lot of bathrooms at places like Super Duper Burger, which are clean, quite and friendly, but have no parking. So when you need to find a parking place for 5 minutes, or have to bail on that effort and take the next ride, it can be quite intense.

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