311 app for cyclists can text in tickets with no photo or proof!

Uber and Lyft drivers new nightmare arrives in San Francisco.

The 311 app¬†started in New York. A cyclist sees you blocking a lane, even if you need to make a right turn, they can just text in your license # in¬†and you get a ticket. No photo or proof needed! My friend just got one for $140 and the address was in the middle of a large intersection in SF? Not where he stopped. He dropped off and picked up riders at the same spot for 2 years. There are hundred of places you can’t pick up, drop off or make a right turn. These tickets are going to start flooding in soon. By the way, cyclist do not have to stop at red lights, or follow any rules like they do in Los Angeles?

Here’s a good article from New your that explains it well.


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